From the archives: On Spring

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Because some things never get old… and because it’s that time of year. Here are a few posts from the archives:

Authentic Spring

Spring/Summer knitting

Mindful fashion

Chaos, Gardens and Knitting


Authentic Spring

I’ve been away for a minute, because spring. In Germany, spring doesn’t just mean Easter and half-term Holidays, it means nature is waking up, and of Course working in the garden. Now I know, the British are known for simply fabulous gardens, but so are many Germans. They love a beautiful garden (of whatever size – from balcony to tea-towel size and bigger), to provide a lovely island of tranquility.

Spring is also the start of the beekeeper year, and I’ve been away for a while, getting my hives sorted. I’m doing a beekeepers course, so I thought I’d drop some bee-themed knits:

(Beeswax Hat by Amy van der Laar,  Covered in Bees shawl by Doggerell Designs and the crocheted Bee Hotel shawl by Christina Hadderingh / Fotos:

While I’ve been away, I’ve been watching fashion historian Amanda Hallay’s The Ultimate Fashion History on Youtube when I’ve been too tired to knit. She goes all the way from Prehistoric fashion to the present day, looking at History, Art, and politics and how fashion responded to the life of the times (Her favourite Quote is “Fashion is not an Island, it’s a Response”).

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Art inspiring knits: Cherries

Amy Sherald in Studio 2017
Amy Sherald in her Studio fotosource:

I know, we were talking about Amy Sherald’s Portrait of Michelle Obama, but I also learned that she takes great care in choosing the clothes her subjects wear for their sittings.

Typically, Sherald …pairs her subjects with outfits carefully selected for a similar timeless feel, rendering them in comfortable stances against monochrome backgrounds, cut off at the knee, forthrightly regarding their Viewer.

Artnet News.

The Portrait, with the charming Name ‘Light is Easy to Love’,  in the Background of the photo above seems unfinished (a white picot edging was added to the collar). 

I couldn’t resist, because a cherry Pullover can sometimes be just the Thing for spring.

Fotosource: Ravelry

ClockWise from top left: Cherry on top Sweater by Sarah Kim, Paton UK’s Cherry Ripe (it IS the year of the Statement sleeve), Ryo’s Cherry Pullover (the little model on Ravelry is so cute), and Bestway’s Cherry Fair Isle Jumper (imagine it knit in that gorgeous deep blue with sky blue collar and waist trim).