Qnotes 8: Still around

Hey there,

Just a quick note to let you know that I‘m still around. Been busy taking care of family, which is more intense when we were in lockdown together.

Oddly enough, I thought I‘d have loads of time for making, which was flat out wrong. It’s been a whirlwind of cleaning, cooking, gardening and supervising homeschooling.
It’s as if Germany has taken a huge technological leap forward, to a more everyday use of communications tools (like Zoom, MS Teams and Jitsi) that were previously the domain of people who worked in IT or very large international companies.
We‘re slowly opening up again, and face masks are now part of the pre-departure checklist:

Shoes ✅

Keys ✅

Facemask ✅

Here in Germany, we called them a variety of names at first, but once the government started to recommend people make and wear cloth masks, the name Alltagsmaske (=everyday mask) has stuck. Some folks now match their mask to their clothes.
My sons requested dark grey or black for when school starts back. In the middle of stitching, my sewing machine needle broke, so I had to complete it by hand. Sewing by hand is actually rather soothing.

It‘s all gotten me thinking about Li Edelkoort‘s Age of the Amateur and our societal reset after lockdown. Will people be in the mood to shop? Will everything go back to normal? Or are we truly going to remake our society via our purchasing power?
Mary Portas called it The Kindness Economy in a Tedx talk last December. She has a retail consulting agency, and has a spanking new newsletter called „The Reset“ which just now, is a delight to read. If you haven’t seen her on ‚Mary Portas- Secret Shopper‘ yet, then you’re in for a treat when/if you do.

Are we going to be able to „use our hands to save our brains“, as Li said in 2018, while forecasting trends two years in advance?

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