First cardy: Emma C


Started out with Julie Weisenberger‘s Emma cardy from her Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. This book is unbelievably complete.
I‘m not a speedy knitter, but her worksheet facilitates efficient knitting. Even though I redid the back of the neck several times, it took me two days to get to the armholes. Yes, I have a slightly bulky yarn, but it took me more time to do the swatches than the body.

I’m currently on the sleeves. What I‘ve learned so far: I  have spent time at the swatching stage to practice the new-to-me increase techniques like KLL, etc. That would have saved me time and several attempts before ripping out. Julie also recommends what to do it ones yarn is normally vs tightly spun. In hindsight, I‘d have made two mini swatches just to see which looked better.

I‘m waiting to knit the sleeves, so that I can do it in one go, so I don’t lose my place with the decreases and elbow ribbing pattern.

What I watched while knitting: Les hommes au tricot (with subtitles) about men who knit in Iceland. It starts out working the idea of Iceland‘s viking history (and what would those vikings think?!) to death, but it eventually gets into discussing Lopi, the Lopapeysa industry, burgeoning tourism to the small nation state, and we follow a young man as he goes to visit a sheep farmer, a small wool producer, the large wool producer Istex, and the Handknitting Association, where women can earn money with their sweaters (average of 70 sweaters a year!).
Filmmaker Vincent Froehly also highlights the conundrum of exporting the Lopi to Asia, where it is made into sweaters then reimported to Iceland and sold in souvenir shops. Terrible carbon footprint compared to made in Iceland.
Apart from the clichés in the beginning, I got a great look at modern Iceland (love seeing everyday street scenes, people sitting at cafés, in parks or busstops). And I loved that Peter finished his Riddari pullover (by Védís Jónsdóttir) by the end of the documentary. And as I learned from my headband, Lopi is knit with metal needles.

Riddari pullover / Screenshot from

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