Made in Germany 2

lalaberlin-x-lanagrossa_yarnFotosource: lalaBerlin Website

Right, so we were talking about Berlin, Lala Berlin to be exact. Leyla Piedayesh is a designer who has been collaborating with a major yarn manufacturer here in Germany: Lana Grossa. And that was the point where this label fell back onto my radar.

In 2014, during the refugee crises, women’s Magazine Brigitte, launched a charity drive. Piedayesh designed a scarf to help raise money. This may have been Piedayesh’s first contact with Lana Grossa, a major sponsor. (I might have to do a separate post on knitting magazines in Germany*)



So for Fall/Winter 2014/15, Lala Berlin launched a 12-piece DIY capsule collection called Love your Wool in collaboration with Lana Grossa. There are kits, she now has her special Lana Grossa line of wools (see photo above) and has become a well-known name among German knitters.


Fotosource: Lana Grossa

At the time, I thought this was a big deal, because the large wool manufacturers put out a lot of marketing materials each season (women’swear, menswear, kids’, homeknits, accessories). The members of their design teams do not get any name recognition at all. Well that hasn’t changed.


Another sad thing, is that German yarn manufacturers have seemingly little or no interest in using social media. So, the American distributors may be on Ravelry, but the German yarn companies really have no clue.

End of rant (call me yarn companies! seriously!)

The photo above is from Lana Grossa’s yarn catalog. Looks like a Fashion magazine, but it’s really a catalog that you can buy on any supermarket magazine rack.

Other big yarn manufacturers in Germany:




Lang Yarns – This is a lovely yarn, middle of the road yarn, with a satisfying variety of fibres, fibreblends and colours (I couldn’t resist showing you one of their current moodboards here) one you’ll find in many yarn shops across Germany.  Plus they have an awesome Trace Your Yarn Feature for those of us who like asking ‘Who made my yarn’.

Wolle Roedel – they have 70 plus stores all over Germany. Very budget-friendly yarns, a good assortment of knitting and crochet needles, hooks and other kit. Fairly easy to find, if you’re ever on the go in a German city and need stitchmarkers or a stitchholder or something.

Regia – So Regia, known predominantly as a sock yarn company, is owned by Schachenmayr. Doing my Research, I just found out that they are having the first ever Hygge-knit-event at the Augsburg textile and industry Museum. Next Weekend. Totally not pouting. So, if you’re in the Augsburg area. Check it out. (Not going to lie: This textile Museum is high on my list of must-visits. They have a modern take on textiles and handcrafts in Museum spaces. I just need to find a girlfriend who would be up for a roadtrip!)

In Part 3, we’ll have a look at a few indie yarnmakers/ -dyers and some cool yarn shops.


* There are specialist knitting magazines mostly given girls’ names (with the exception of The Knitter, which is a re-do of the British magazine of the same name, and recycles years-old Patterns from the latter) and then there’s Brigitte. One of the largest women’s fashion and lifestyle publications here. They put out a special knitwear edition in autumn for their knitting readership. I’ll let you know when I get my hands on it.


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