Made in Germany

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The third of October, is German Reunification Day. And in honour of that, I thought we could talk about Germany. More specifically, the now famous term ‘Made in Germany.’

Made in Germany

According to stories told here, Made in Germany started out as a punishment for 19th century German manufacturers.

The British officials who coined the phrase “Made in Germany,” intended it as an insult. In 1887, alarmed at an influx of low-priced German products, the British government required goods imported from Germany to be labeled as such. Back then, Germany was to Britain something like China is to Europe or the United States today. It was an aggressive emerging economy with a large store of cheap labor and ambitions to become an economic superpower. But Britain’s attempt to shield domestic companies from competition backfired. Made in Germany became a synonym for quality.

– Ewing J. (2014) A Brief History of Made in Germany. In: Germany’s Economic Renaissance. Palgrave Macmillan, New York 

Here’s a selection of designers and others in the yarn/fashion industry in Germany:



Marc Cain – doing amazing things with 3-D machine knits. Video here. I don’t think we need to discuss why handknit, when we can have a full garment plop out of a machine. The fact is, we knit because knitting gives us much more than just a finished object.


Schumacher – may just be an insider secret. She’s not as well-known as another German, Karl Lagerfeld, who designs for French and Italian fashion houses, but, if you consider that she was one of the designers whose clothes were used in the film The Devil Wears Prada, her name is well worth knowing.

She manages to unite comfy, elegant, feminine and practical.

Foto source: Dorothee Schumacher online shop, Lookbook Fall-Winter 2017/18

The Schumacher website is also has a lovely series of videos called Journey of Fashion. Well worth a look.


Lala Berlin

Leyla Piedayesh describes her line as ‘Persian Punk’. She’s part of a group of up and coming young designers based in Berlin who are doing interesting things in Fashion at the Moment. Berlin loves to describe itself as ‘poor but sexy.’ Not one of the classic Big Four Fashion cities (New York, Paris, Milan, and London), Berlin has affordable rent and a vibrant youthful artscene which is fascinating to watch.

I’m going to cut off here. In part two, I’ll talk  about Lala Berlin’s collaboration with one of the big yarn Labels here: Lana Grossa.



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