Knit Autumn’s Trends 1



Catwalk Fotosource:

It’s lovely to knit something, inspired by the current popular trends. On the one hand, we have something that is like a remembrance of this season and on the other hand, we have something chic and knitted (or crocheted, if that is your cup of tea) to add to our wardrobes.

I’ll be the first to admit, that I don’t want to wait til I’ve knit a full jumper, to be able to wear something red. So let’s start smaller:

A cowl 


Fotosource: Ravelry

Red Ochre Leaves by Loch Ness Knitting. It’s free for the month of October (2017), by the way. Made up in a bulky yarn, it looks like a quick knit.


Volare Collar

Fotosource: Ravelry

Volare Necklace by Laura Nelkin. Not as warming to the neck as a cowl, but still enough to give that Pop of colour.

Honorable mention: Serial Necklace by Alyssa Graybeal; Cable Braided necklace by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.



Fotosource: Ravelry

from left: Ume Blossom by Elizabeth Sullivan and Norobi by Veronica O’Neil

Well yes, one could wear an i-cord in red as a belt, but why bother when we have Elizabeth’s Haramaki- or Veronica’s Obi-inspired belts to choose from?

Other Accessories: Headbands, bags and such…

fotosource: Ravelry

from left: Hot Mess Headband by Heather Walpole; The Loop Bag by Cindy Pilon; Talila mini-collection by Linda Marveng.

I didn’t think I would find a practical knit bag for autumn, but Cindy’s Loop bag is felted and so entirely workable for this season. Linda’s mini-collection just feels like the answer to the question we didn’t know we were asking.

What would you knit in red?


Please note, that although I restricted myself to photos with pieces knit with red yarn, we could knit just about anything by substituting a bright cheery red.





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