How to wear more of your knits

Summer edition


The easy answer to the question of wearing what you knit (without looking weird), is to knit what you will wear more often, perhaps over years. Something that won’t get dated, but that will become a favourite.

Since we are on to the last weeks of (Northern hemisphere) summer, I thought I’d do a round up of a few patterns, that aren’t brand spanking new, but could become classics. They’re some of the results from a Ravelry search for lacy summer tops, but these stand out because I could wear any one of these to the beach with shorts, or to a summer wedding. It’s just a matter of styling.



Did you notice? Three out of the four knits above are neutrals – yes, blue is a neutral, especially navy and denim. So, if you like to kick your heels up in bright, graphic or patterned shorts, jeans, skirts or trousers, then knits in neutral colours will go far!

If you spend winter dreaming of the perfect white jeans, wide-legged linen trousers and so on, then solid-coloured tops are the way to go.  A solid to semi-solid yarn is a timeless choice. Following yarn trends too closely can date your knit piece.


What to wear it with

Some tops only have lace at the yokes, and others are more see-through. Then, depending on comfort, we can wear them with our regular bra, a camisole top or even as a quick pull-on over a swimsuit.



If you want a knit that can straddle the line between casual and dressy, I believe the knit top has to be somewhere between bodycon (who wants to wear skin tight knits when it’s hot out?) and extremely drapy. Although I love a summer knit like the boxy, lacy top called Cancun, which has been around since 2015 or so, my argument is that it isn’t as occasion-versatile as I’d like.

And sometimes wearing what you knit is just as simple as knitting what you like and then wearing it with other things that you like. The most important thing is to keep knitting…


Foto source: Ravelry.

clockwise. Ladies short Pullover by Tanja Steinbach;   The essential tank top by Laura Zukaite; Drop-Stitch Lace tank top by Stefanie Japel;  Lacy Top by Loren Cherensky


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