Autumn wardrobe planning




I’ve been giving some thought to what my wardrobe will look like this autumn. Had a look through a few magazines, and from what I can see, bulky oversized knits will keep us chic and warm. A very relaxed silhouette seems to be the order of the day.

Now, some people seem to think that looking at Colour Reports, is letting a company like Pantone make decisions for us. Not so. Looking at the colours is like having a sneak peek into which colours I’ll be seeing in the shops.


Pantone Fall2017 color palettes
Pantone Fall 2017 Colour Palettes New York and London


Now, because there are actually two palettes (London is above, and New York is below), there are even more colours to play with. Which just confirms my suspicions that really, just about anything goes. Which is fine, because I am partial to neutrals in navy, wine red and grey. With accents like red, lilac, and that lemon curry. I actually think that shaded spruce (such a lovely name for teal, don’t you think?) is very close to my linen sweater. Well, close enough. I’m curious to see when these colours will ‘land’ in my LYS.


How Pantone chooses colours

Video of The Cut touring Pantone’s Color Factory.

That famous blue sweater scene from The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep.


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